Creating a Positive Work Atmosphere

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Healthcare is a demanding work place and mandates that there is a positive work behaviour to induce a congenial work environment. It becomes all the more important due to the anxiety laden work atmosphere in hospitals. Thus, from care staff to the senior nurses to all involved in patient care, it is essential that they adhere to some basic rules to create a positive work behaviour.

It is important to be professional at work. This stands true across all industries and job functions. Irrespective of the kind of work and the type of functionality, it is vital for an individual to be professional. Thus, being a professional, helps an individual to perform his role to the best of his capability and avoid negativity. Work behaviours refer to the general attitude of an individual while, work outcomes refers to the job of the individual.

Though, the job role might be out of your control and is assigned to you, your work behaviour is totally under your control. Therefore, for an individual who is looking to be a better performer at work, it is essential that he works on gaining a positive work behaviour. Let us look at some of the traits of positive behaviour.

Good interpersonal behaviour: this denotes the behaviour which one has while interacting with other co-workers within your department as well outside in the organisation. It is important to give everybody their due respect and be approachable. Other qualities, which influence interpersonal behaviour include, punctuality, being unbiased and fair and cooperating with the other team members and departmental co-workers. It is also essential to be well mannered and polite and in case of any adverse feedback, take it and other criticisms positively. You should be able to analyse a situation in an unbiased fashion and do the needful. To create a positive feel, you should be confidential and trustworthy, whenever needed.

It is also important to be a learner and be humble to adapt to new learning at the workplace. You should be able to gain suggestions and good knowledge from all your co-workers. You can participate in the educative initiatives and seminars at the work place. Also discipline is vital to a good learning. One should be organised and keep a schedule and adhere to it. This will not only help in managing time effectively but also with work sorted you would be able to avoid any personal arguments leading to a positive you.
Communication: Communications is written and verbal. All written communication should adhere to the company norms and basic professional etiquettes. Verbal communication refers to body language, voice tone, gestures and more. It is important to have a positive body image and verbal communication to ensure success at workplace.

Teamwork and leadership: you are as good as your team and performance results from the entire group's effort. This necessitates that you have a collaborative and cooperative relationship with the team and encourage a participative and focussed behaviour from the group. You should provide a good role model and assistance at all times to the group. As a leader, you should build an environment which motivates others and influences all to perform better at their jobs.